September 2017

In August as I write this, I’m reminded of a column in the New Orleans Times Picayune some years ago. “You’ve seen tourists, with their red faces and dazed looks, doing a death march up Bourbon Street…Perhaps they came for the food, or the music, or the architecture…but we gave them August.”

Now that August is ending we can start looking forward to fall – which means our main fund-raising event, the Silent Auction Luncheon, is just around the corner! On October 19, we’re going to bask “Under the Tuscan Sun” with lots of fun and exciting gifts to bid on, and a few you can just buy outright. Of course, one of our perennial favorites, Marsha’s Café will feature yummy homemade specialties, sweets and meals. This year we are going to have a gift-card tree (or two) to give you even more instant gratification.

And don’t forget those delightful gift baskets, ensembles, and special items you can bid on and take home with you.

On a more serious note, the auction and Café are crucial to the Foundation’s fund-raising efforts. Yes, we ask local businesses and organizations to help us fund our scholarships, but your support gives us a base to build on. It allows us to say to potential donors, “Our neighbors and friends believe so strongly in what we do that

they’ve started out this year with contributions of X dollars.” This impresses others and helps them open their wallets too.

So come with us to Northern Italy, have some fun, and take home a fabulous gift. And THANK YOU for your support for the foundation.